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                Add:No.1381,Shandong Street,Qingyun County Economic and Technological Devepment Zone,Shandong Province
                International sales
                Domestic sales department
                Tel:0534-3280956 3425179
                About Us
                Shandong Dongfang CNC Machine Tool Accessory Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a professional enterprise which integrates machine tool accessory, application and research, and is provided with more than 50 sets of existing imported laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines and other large equipment. Our company smoothly passed the ISO2000-90 Quality Management System Certification in 2005. Introduction of modern management methods and models laid a solid foundation for rapid development of the company.
                  The main products of our company include:machine tool guide rail shields, steel and aluminum towlines,engineering plastic towlines,hoses,hose connectors,work lights,cooling pipes,chain-sheet type and scraping sheet-type chip removal conveyors and other than products, and hundreds of models of each product are provided for you to choose, the products have been widely used in machine tool industry, automotive industry,medical treatment companies,machinery equipment,and other fields currently. User are throughout thirty provinces and autonomous regions, and continue to expand in the machinery industry with fast speed.Today,the company is equipped with various talents with a batch of employees with high academic qualifications,rich experience and strong sense of innovstion....{more}
                TEl: Shandong Dongfang CNC Machine Tool Accessory Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.